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Under the banner of "Disappointed Virginity", London based Marc Blackie has created for himself a self contained monochrome world.

Herein he explores his erotically inclined mindscapes via the mediums of photography, short film and animation, exploring the nature of fantasy and picking away at the sinister underbelly of desire.

Each of his still or moving pieces convey their own individual narrative yet also exist entirely in context within this world, in what he describes as "A blend of the erotic, the surreal and the anhedonic".

Citing influences from such figures as Hans Bellmer, Koji Wakamatsu and Georges Bataille, his highly stylized and unique work is simultaneously laced with a certain dark humour and a queasily unnerving quality.


marcblackie_portraitThe most obvious language spoken in Marc’s art is a satirical narrative which invites the viewer to see not just a picture but an erotic event which exceeds the boundaries of stillness and burgeons beyond the frame. He draws inspiration from the Japanese multi-context erotic art and the Dadaist movement, with an unmistakable ingredient of pornographic imagery; elements which are all blended together in a two dimensional space, forming the unusually distinguished fabric of his world.

His remarkably complex and symbolic tableaux of the post-feminine condition finds beauty in a dimension somewhere between harsh realism and the darkest corners of the human psyche. It stands in stubborn opposition to the visual codes and clichés of the visual fashion in which nudes and erotic art are usually displayed.

Set of Six 5×7.5 inch Prints for Sale – £15

A set of six photographic prints of some of my most popular works.